We represent the Dutch manufacturer EuroTec on an exclusive basis in Switzerland. EuroTec offers a full line of ostomy products. These are products that were developed by former stoma nurses. Therefore, the EuroTec product line can in many ways be characterized as a product line: Where experience and expertise merge to provide ostomy patients with excellent, unique and functional products to render their lives as normal as possible.

  • Many unique products
  • 1- and 2-piece systems.
  • 500 different articles
  • Very skin-friendly, all natural hydrocolloid based skin barriers (flanges). No artificial elastomeres in the hydrocolloid.
    + EuroTec uses an all natural hydrocolloid (no elastomeres) that allows sore or damaged skin to heal by allowing for exchange of moisture and air.
    + Highly moisture-absorbent hydrocolloid helping to prevent many leakages. EuroTec’s pouches absorb up to 4-6 times as much moisture when compared to most competitive products.
    + Extremely flexible skin-barrier that gently adheres to and follows the natural contours of the the skin. Furthermore the pouch-stoma-opening does not cut into, irritate and/or otherwise cause damage to the stoma.
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