People with ileostomy must use a drainable ostomy bag. The bag must be emptied when it is about one third full – about 5-7 times a day. Draining the bag can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially in public toilets that are not entirely private, as the contents are emptied directly into the toilet water, increasing the risk of splashing and noise. For this reason, the EasyDrainer was developed.

EasyDrainer is a unique, patented and flushable disposable drainage sleeve specially designed to allow for convenient and discrete emptying of the ileostomy bag while on the go. EasyDrainer eliminates the risk of splashing and soiling clothing when emptying the bag. EasyDrainer is a Danish invention and both nurses and users have contributed to the development.


  • is an easy-to-use, flushable drainage sleeve.
  • allows a hygienic and discrete emptying of stoma bags.
  • prevents unwanted spattering when the bag is being peeled and thus
  • protects clothing.
  • reduces noise.
  • can be flushed as normal toilet paper after use in the toilet.

EasyDrainer is available in 3 different packages:

  • 5 pieces in a test package for those who want to test the product.
  • 25 pieces package for you as a user of EasyDrainer while working and with friends.
  • 100 pieces. Package for you as a user of EasyDrainer to emptying your ostomy bags every time.


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