Pelsan is a skin regeneration cream developed specially for dehydrated skin resulting from heat and sun exposure, or after radiation or lasertherapy. Pelsan does not contain metal ions in its composition and can be used regularly throughout radiotherapy.

Pelsan is a powerful moisturizer supporting fast recovery of damaged skin, restoring its normal structural and physiological properties.

The product can be applied to treat damaged skin after heat exposure or sun exposure, damaged skin after radiation therapy (oncologypatients)/laser treatment, and for any type of dry skin. Pelsan has four main substances contributing to its anti-inflammatory and hydrating effect.

Since recently, Pelsan+ was launched on the skin care market. A sister product of Pelsan,available in a 30 gram flip-cap tube for easy access is easilycarried in your bag or jacket. Additionally, medical grade Dark Buckwheat Honey is added for a bacteriostatic effect.

Pelsan: Press the top of the container downward to obtain cream. This prevents contamination of the remaining product.Pelsan+: Flip the cap of the tube. Press the tube slightly to obtain cream.Spread the cream thinly and gently until it is completely absorbed. External use only.

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