Celan® is a medical grade honey based skin care ointment which contains active herbal ingredients with proven biological activity.For superficialskin problems such as eczema,redness, itches or desquamation (flaky skin).

Celanis a new skin care product with active botanical extracts. General complaints about itching, irritation, or pain occur from time to time. Thiscan be around wound edges, underneath adhesive dressing borders, or elsewhere. The cause of this discomfort or condition of the skin may beunknown. Principelle undertakes tests to determine if the product is useful on such skin disorders as eczema and psoriasis.

Celan is a multifunctional cream applicable to all types of skin. The product can be used on facial skin, avoiding contact with the eyes. Themedical grade honey has strong antioxidant properties. In combination with botanical extracts it offers relief to irritated skin. The airlessdispenser is easy and hygienic. It allows for appropriate measurement avoiding contamination.

Carefully cleanse the area with water or a mild lotion and dry gently. Apply a thin layer of Celan avoiding rubbing. Itchy patches or wound edges should betreated several times daily or at least at every dressing change.Do not use on open wounds or burns. Store at room temperature (15-25°C). Does not contain parabens, perfumes, or colouring agents. Avoid contact with theeyes.

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